How to Search the Shoreham Village Web Site

We apologize that due to technical difficulties, we have not yet been able to successfully activate on our home page a search function (search box) that would allow you to directly search the contents of the Shoreham Village web site.

However, we've found that good search results can be obtained for information within the Shoreham Village web site by using common search engines such as, or


To Search the Shoreham Village web site using any of the common search engines such as those noted above, type in

"Village of Shoreham" (in parentheses) followed by the search term of interest (not in parentheses).

For instance, entering

"Village of Shoreham" dogs

as a search phrase in generates links to the Village of Shoreham's dog ordinance (Sect. 37 of the Village Ordinances)..

Similarly, entering

Village or Shoreham" zoning

into yields links to some of Shoreham Village's zoning ordinances.

--the Shoreham Village Webmasters