The webmaster accepts submission of prose, poetry, photos and short videos from past and present Shoreham Village residents only.


These items should be submitted to the webmaster at  Submit only your own creations, and not that of others.  In your submission, indicate who you are, where you live, and your phone number, in case the webmaster must reach you.


The webmaster has final discretion over what is posted, based upon available server space and additional considerations below.


Items that, based upon community standards, may be considered to be indecent, derogatory or slanderous, will not be posted.


The webmaster will take down any submissions about which the webmaster receives legitimate complaints.


Images of children will not be posted without the expressed permission of the parent or legal guardian.  For privacy and security, the name or other personal identifying information about the child will not be included.  The webmaster will also use discretion about the posting of such images.


Adults pictured in photos will, likewise, generally not be identified.  Possible exceptions to this rule would include public personalities and public officials.


The webmaster cannot accept copyrighted materials, commercials, or other commercial materials for sale.


Items will generally be posted for a period of one year, but may be taken down at any time at the discretion of the Webmaster


Rule of Thumb:  Recall that whatever you submit for posting will be available to the entire world through the Worldwide Web.