JULY 4, 2015

Good morning everyone.
Could I please ask you to rise for the Pledge of Allegiance and National Anthem.


Good morning and Happy 4th of July!

Please allow me to introduce my fellow trustees:

Deputy Mayor

- Brian Vail


- Rosie Connell


- Kathleen Baumann Schnoor


- Len Emma

And our Clerk
and Treasurer

- Cathy Spier


- John Bates

Village Justice

- David Desmond

And Special Guest

Suffolk County Legislator,
Sarah Anker

I’d also like to acknowledge our Commissioners and Board and Committee Members . . . many of whom are here today . . . who make our community the beautiful and special place it is.

And, of course, our steward, Colleen.

And our friends at the Shoreham Country Club . . . the social arm of our Village.

The Village Association . . . for all its work so important to our community.

And various clubs . . . including the Art Club, Book Club and Garden Club . . . all adding a wonderful dimension to what our Village is all about.

And so many others ... just look at this very celebration.

Barbara Kullen for singing our National Anthem.

Yvette Malavet-Blum for “God Bless America” she’s about to sing.

Bob Sweet for . . . once again
. . . leading the best band in the world . . . thank you Bob!

Liz Larson for all those prizes she’s about to give out.

John Bates for being the long-time official scorer at the Married Men’s/Single Men’s Game.

Judy De Salgado and Sherry Mahoney for our color guard . . . thank you guys — GOOD JOB! GIVE ME 5!

The Siegel family for use of The Gazebo for so many years.

And all those for setting things up for today’s celebration . . . including installation of our 4th of July banners on Woodville Road by Alan Lebowitz … and the bagpipes about to be played by Ken Esser.

And then there are those who have been involved over the years with something very special.
Started as part of our country’s Bicentennial Celebration, various volunteers have organized and run what was originally called a “Field Day” . . . now the Junior Olympics . . .
. . . replete with running races, potato sack races and obstacle course . . . with kids almost always falling . . . with much laughter . . . into the water trap at the very end.


What’s amazing about this event... loved by our children . . . is that it has perpetuated itself from a planned one-time event in 1976 . . . into a true Shoreham tradition . . .  with families passing along the mantle from one generation to the next . . . to the present day . . .
. . . the most recent transition from John and Carolann Flannery, who ran the event last year and years before . . . to David and Kim Kuck, who have volunteered to handle the event today . . . and . . . like the Flannerys . . . hopefully for years to come.

But the beauty of it all can best be found in the willingness of those to participate in this celebration . . . without so much as a gentle reminder

When asked if he was going to . . . so to speak . . . orchestrate the band . . . Bob Sweet said with a smile . . . “of course — I’m already on it!” . . . with the same type of response holding true of others.

The enthusiasm, volunteerism and spirit reflected in the words just spoken . . . the American spirit shown here today and in other communities . . . both large and small . . . across this great land . . . make our country a very special place indeed . . . “from sea to shining sea.”

So as you enjoy the festivities of the day . . . our lunch . . . the Junior Olympics . . . and the Married Men’s/Single Men’s Game.

And as evening draws nigh and time goes by.

Always be reminded of the spirit you see here today . . . and the traditions we hold so dear.
Always be reminded of those in our Armed Forces who keep us safe.

And above all . . . always be reminded of this “Great Land” . . . and the liberty and freedom . . . with which we’ve been blessed.

Thank you all . . . let’s have a Great Day!


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