Shoreham Village Trash Collection Days are Mondays and Thursdays, except as noted below.


Recycling is collected on Wednesdays. Please use the red, green or blue "Curby" style recycling pails for loose recyclable items. Follow the rules noted below on "Single Stream Recycling."


Have your trash and recyclables curbside by 8 AM on the trash and recycling collection days, respectively.


If at all possible, it is recommended that you NOT put your trash out the night before due to the problem of raccoons and other animals upsetting the trash before it can be collected.





Memorial Day

4th of July (when it falls on a Monday or Thursday)

Labor Day



Trash collection will occur the day after these holidays, subject to change or exceptions.


Questions about trash collection or recycling? You may call the Village's carter, Maggio Sanitation, directly at 631 696 6300.




From Village Clerk Cathy Spier


Dear Shoreham Village Residents:

The Village now has Single Stream recycling. For those of you unfamiliar, it is a
program where all recycling material may be commingled. What this means is that you
no longer have to separate your paper and plastic/glass/metals recyclables for collection
alternating Wednesdays. Everything will be picked up every week. Otherwise,
everything remains the same. I have attached a list of Acceptable and Unacceptable
recycling materials provided by the Town of Brookhawn. I hope that you enjoy this
convenience with the knowledge that the Village is participating in a "greener" way to

Please call or e-mail me (631 821 0680; if you have any questions or speak to your friends and neighbors living in Brookhaven who have been participating in Single Stream recycling for some time.
Yours truly,
Cathy Donahue-Spier
Village Clerk


1. List of Recyclable Materials that are Acceptable at the Brookhaven MRF.
• Aluminum: Cans, beverage and food containers, foil, and pie pans. Please clean.
• Books: Hardbound (with the cover tom off and discarded), paperback and text books.
• Cardboard: Paperboard boxes corrugated boxes, egg containers, food boxes (including
cereal boxes and pizza boxes), frozen food packaging, mailing boxes and shoe boxes.
Please remove any plastic or Styrofoam packaging material from inside the boxes.
• Glass containers: Bottles and jars (brown, clear or green) used for food, liquids,
beverages, soda, and water. Please clean.
• Mail: Mail (junk mail, catalogs, cards, magazines, etc .. . ) and envelopes (all kinds).
• Metal: All types of metal including beverage and food containers, aluminum, tin, steel,
iron, etc ...
• Paper: All colors and types of unwaxed paper including catalogs, folders, junk mail,
magazines, mixed paper, newspaper (all types), non-metallic wrapping paper, office
papers, printer paper, school papers and shredded paper (please place shredded paper
inside a clear plastic bag).
• Plastic containers (#1 - 7): Bottles and jars, detergent/bleach bottles, juice bottles, milk
jugs, soda bottles, water bottles, wide-mouthed containers such as cottage cheese,
margarine, mayonnaise, sour cream and yogurt containers, drinking cups and prescription
bottles including lids and caps. Please clean.
• Rigid Plastics - Rigid plastics which include milk/soda crates, buckets, laundry baskets,
plastic lawn furniture, plastic drums, coolers, plastic flower pots, watering cans, large
water bottles, pallets, pet carriers, shelving, closet organizers and unwanted garbage cans
• Spray cans: All empty aerosol cans.
• Steel
• Tin: Cans and foil. Please clean.
• Waxed cartons used for liquids such as juices, milk or soups. Please empty and clean.


II. List of Examples of Unacceptable Materials at the Brookhaven MRF includes but is not
limited to:
• Anti-freeze Containers
• Batteries
• Cat litter
• Ceramics
• Chemicals or household hazardous waste. No bottles or cans of oil, pesticides, gasoline
or chemicals.
• Coat Hangers
• Contaminated paper products. No used napkins, paper towels, waxed paper, paper plates
or tissue.
• Drinking Glasses
• Dry cleaning bags
~ Food waste
" Garbage
" Glass (window and mirror)
" Hazardous Waste
" Household Items (such as batteries, cat litter, drinking glasses, food waste or garbage)
• Light bulbs
•Medical Waste
• Mirrors
•Needles/syringes/sharp items
• Paint and paint cans
•Plates (plastic or ceramic)
•Plastic bags including shopping and grocery bags and newspaper covers. Please note that
most grocery stores collect bags for recycling.
• Plastic utensils
• Plastic Containers with no # at all
• Styrofoam and Styrofoam packaging material
• Styrofoam carry out or deli food containers
• Waxed paper
• Window or Auto Glass
• Yard waste