Incorporated Village of Shoreham


Policies and Guidelines

  Updated 4/25/18


Note that some of the Policies and Guidelines listed are "resolutions." A resolution is a simple form of legislation passed by the Board of Trustees and expressing the sense of the Board or declaring a policy.  A resolution is narrower in its scope and import than a Local Law, but it can set policy that can impact the residents of the municipality.  Therefore, the Village has listed here and linked to this page resolutions previously passed and currently in force.[1] 



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Date Enacted

Resolution Name (and link)


January 9, 2018-- updated April 2018 Village Hall Use Policy Guidelines for use of the Village Hall by Village community organizations and individuals; includes rental policy and rental agreement form, instructions and rates.

March 8, 2011

Official Village E-mail List resolution

A resolution governing the development and usage of an official Village E-mail list by the Village government

  May 11, 2010

  Whistleblower resolution

Resolution defining whistleblower protections 


Parks Resolutions:


A series of resolutions passed in 2005-2006 governing the maintenance, development and usage of the Village parklands:

October 11, 2005

Parks Policy Resolution

An implementing resolution for Local Law 05-01: Parks Regulations Law Of The Village Of Shoreham  defining usage of the various parklands of the Village

Jaunuary 12, 2006

Parks Regulation Resolution-Prohibited Uses

Defines prohibited uses and activities within Village parkland

February 14, 2006

Development and Maintenance of the Border Parkland

A resolution that sets policy on the development and maintenance of the Border Parkland between the Village of Shoreham and the neighboring community of Rocky Point




[1] Resolutions can be contemporaneous- addressing a contemporary problem or issue- and can therefore become irrelevant with the passage of time or changed circumstances.  They can also be superseded by later legislation, including local laws or other resolutions.  For clarity, only resolutions currently in force and relevant to current circumstances are listed and linked to this index.