Village of Shoreham

Parks Regulation Resolution – PROHIBITED USES

January 12, 2006



The Board of Trustees has enacted Local Law 05-1 authorizing the Board to adopt regulations governing the use of Village parkland,

be it therefore resolved that:

These regulations for governing the use of the parkland be adopted to take effect immediately.

Regulations Governing the Use of Village Parks

The Village parks are available for the enjoyment and recreation of all Village residents.  To ensure that enjoyment, and as authorized by Local Law 05-1, the following acts or activities within any of the Village parks are prohibited:

1.         Littering or dumping of refuse of any kind – either natural or man-made.

2.         Use of motorized vehicles other than as required for maintenance of the park or facilities.

3.         Cutting or otherwise damaging the vegetation except as authorized by the Board of Trustees or the Parks Commissioner.

4.         Painting or otherwise defacing any of the natural or added features in the parks.

5.         Rowdiness or other unauthorized activity that disturbs nearby residents or other users of the park.

6.         Loitering or congregating in a manner that annoys or threatens nearby residents.

7.         Erection of private fences or other structures.

8.         Fires or the use of matches or lighters.

Any violation of these regulations is punishable by a fine as specified in Local Law 05-1.

Passed 5-0 (Klatsky – Pijacki)


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