Village of Shoreham


Parks Implementation Resolution

Development and Maintenance of the Border Parkland


February 14, 2006





The Board of Trustees has passed The Parks Policy Resolution of October 11, 2005




Item #1 of the Border Parkland Section of the Parks Policy Resolution outlines in general terms possible development and maintenance activities in the border parklands, but does not specify what actions are to actually be taken.



Be it therefore resolved that:


This implementation resolution defines those development and maintenance activities that are to be taken by the Village in the development and maintenance of the Border Parklands between the Village and Rocky Point.


Development and maintenance activities in the border parkland have the goal of optimizing the value of the parkland both for the recreation of Village residents and as a privacy and security buffer for neighborhoods. These dual functions are to be balanced through the preservation of the native vegetation within the parkland, while unobtrusively making parkland accessibility for maintenance and recreation.


The following actions are to be taken in furtherance of these interests:


  1. Walking Paths. Walking paths are to be maintained in the Northern and Southern Border Parklands.

o       Each path is to be cleared sufficiently as to allow a walker to proceed without brushing against any vegetation.

o       Each footpath is not to be more than 3 feet in width.

o       In the Southern Border Parkland, the Village is to maintain a walking path located as close as practical to the border fence, in order to facilitate fence maintenance.


  1. Clearing and Planting of Vegetation. The Parks Commissioner and his/her Committee is charged with making a plan to maintain the vegetation in the park lands. Items to consider include:

o       Vegetation is not to be cleared from the Border Parkland except:

        Path maintenance as outlined in #1 above

        Invasive species that are endangering native vegetation

        On a temporary basis to carry out essential maintenance or enforcement functions such as removal of debris or encroaching fences.


o       Where needed and within available budgets, the Parks Commissioner may engage in the replanting of native, deer resistant vegetation. The purpose of replanting is the restoration of native trees and low lying vegetation to enhance the esthetics of the parkland and to enhance privacy and security, through plants that serve as visual screens or living fences.



Resolution passed

(Falco-Ingoldsby 5-0)



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Local Law 05-01-Parks Regulations Law