WHEREAS, the Board of Trustees of the Incorporated Village of Shoreham (“the Board”) has a need to rapidly and efficiently communicate important information and official notices of general interest to residents of the Incorporated Village of Shoreham (“Village”).

WHEREAS, the Board finds that modern electronic communication methods, notably electronic mail (“e-mail”) can supplement traditional communication methods previously used by the Board for this purpose, including mailed notices via Bulk Mail and postings on the official Village Bulletin Board and street-side message boards.

WHEREAS the Board finds that prudent guidelines pertaining to the acquisition, retention and use of residents’ e-mail addresses by the Board will help to safeguard Village residents’ privacy and security to the extent possible.


NOW THEREFORE IT IS  RESOLVED that the following policy governing the development and usage of an  official Village e-mail list is hereby adopted by the Board:

At its discretion, the Board is authorized to  develop and maintain a list of Village residents’ e-mail addresses (“E-mail  list”).
This E-mail list will be securely maintained and  used solely for official communications to Village residents by the Board and by  Village Officials.

Participation in the E-mail list will be voluntary  on the part of residents, and the Board will advise participating residents of  their option to “opt out” of the E-mail list at any time, including  instructions on how to opt out.

Communications via the E-mail list will supplement  but not replace conventional communication methods used by the Board and by Village  Officials.

The Mayor, Deputy Mayor, Village Clerk, Village  Treasurer and Village Webmaster are authorized to use the E-mail list for  communications on behalf of the Board and Village Officials.  At its discretion, the Board may authorize additional  individuals to send communications on its behalf via the E-mail list, or else bar  individuals from accessing or using the E-mail list.

Village Officials with access to the E-mail list will  not release the E-mail list or any of its constituent e-mail addresses to any  third party without the expressed permission of the affected e-mail addressees,  except where such release is compelled by emergency or by law including but not  limited to subpoena or FOIL (Freedom of Information Law) request (excepting FOIL  request for commercial or fundraising purposes).

Village Officials with access to the E-mail list are  prohibited from using the E-mail list or its constituent e-mail addresses for personal,  commercial or political purposes.

The Board and others with access to the E-mail list  will take measures to safeguard the security of the E-mail list and its  constituent e-mail addresses.  For  example, whenever appropriate and feasible, “BCC (Blind CC)” will be used when  official e-mails are sent to multiple recipients, to prevent inadvertent  disclosure of recipients’ e-mail addresses to third parties.


Adopted (4-0) by the Board of Trustees, March 8, 2011.

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