Shoreham Village Organic Lawn Maintenance Program


In its continued effort to be a good steward of our natural environment, Shoreham Village is pleased to announce that, since 2010, all of it's parklands are maintained organically without the use of man-made fertilizers or pesticides.

Our transition to organic lawn maintenance began with a two-year pilot was initiated in 2008 with the help and encouragement of The Shoreham Village Association and involved organic maintenance of a 2/3rd acre lawn located around the Children's Playground, Basketball and Platform Tennis Courts on the north side of Briarcliff Road.




This was chosen because it is an environmentally sensitive area, being located near the Long Island Sound, and it is a popular play area for many children. It is also the venue for Shoreham Village's Junior Olympics every 4th of July.

The original pilot program was provided contractually by Steve Storch of Natural Science Organics of Water Mill.

The program was such a success, that it was expanded to include all lawns and beds, including the original park, as well as Joe's Field (ballfield) and all the beautiful seaside grounds around the Village Hall, where the program has also been highly successful. Giacomo Mule of Red Dragon Organics now provides the organic treatments and guidance, with cutting and other maintenance by S&S Landscaping.

We hope that this organic success will serve as an inspiration to individual homeowners and other municipalities.


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