Local Laws and Ordinances

Incorporated Village of Shoreham

VILLAGE OF SHOREHAM Local Law No. 2 of 1989

Coastal Erosion Hazard Area

6. Amendments

6.1 Procedure.

The Village legislative body may, on its motion or on petition, or on recommendation from the Planning Board, amend, supplement or repeal the provisions, regulations, procedures or standards of this local law.

When an amendment is duly proposed, the Village legislative body must:

  1. Notify the Commissioner of the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation in writing of all proposed amendments and request his advice as to whether such amendment is subject to his approval, and if so, whether such amendment conforms to the minimum standards of a certified program.

  2. Issue public notice and conduct a hearing on all proposed amendments. The Village legislative body, by resolution, must cause notice of such hearing's time, date, and place to be published in the official newspaper not less than 5 days prior to the date of the hearing.

  3. Refer to the proposed amendment at least 30 days prior to the public hearing, in writing to:

    1. The Planning Board, unless initiated thereby, for its review of the amendment and its report to the Village legislative body of recommendations thereon, including a full statement of reasons for such recommendations.

    2. The County Planning Board for its review and recommendations pursuant to Article 12-B, Section 239 of the New York State General Municipal Law.

6.2 Commissioner Approval.

After enactment the amendment must be sent to the Commissioner of Environmental Conservation for Certification.

6.3 Recording.

After an amendment to this local law: has been initially reviewed and found to be in conformance by the Commissioner of the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation; completed the public hearing process and intergovernmental review; been finally approved and adopted by the Village legislative body; and been certified by the Commissioner; the Clerk will, as prescribed by Section 27 of the Municipal Home Rule Law:

  1. Record the amended local law in the Municipal Clerk's Minute Book and in the Recorded Book of Local Laws.

  2. File the amended local law within 5 days after adoption as follows:

    1. 1 copy in the Clerk's office.
    2. 1 copy in the Office of the State Comptroller.
    3. 3 copies in the Office of the Secretary of State.
    4. 1 copy with the Commissioner of the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation.

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