Local Laws and Ordinances

Incorporated Village of Shoreham

VILLAGE OF SHOREHAM Local Law No. 2 of 1989

Coastal Erosion Hazard Area

3. Emergency Activities

3.1 Applicability.

The requirements of this local law do not apply to emergency activities that are necessary to protect public health, safety, or welfare, including preventing damage to natural resources. Whenever emergency activities are undertaken, damage to natural protective features and other natural resources must be prevented, if possible, or minimized.

3.2 Notification to Administrator.

The Administrator must be notified by the person responsible for taking the emergency measures within 2 working days from the commencement of an emergency measure and a description of the problem and activities provided. The description must be in written form, outline the public health or safety or resource for which protection was sought, and relate the measures which were taken to secure the protection.

3.3 Improper or Insufficient Notification.

If the Administrator determines that a regulated activity has been undertaken without a Coastal Erosion Management Permit, and does not meet the emergency activity criteria, then the Administrator will order the immediate cessation of the activity. In addition, the Administrator may require:

  1. Removal of any structure that was constructed or placed without a Coastal Erosion Management Permit, and

  2. The return to former conditions of any natural protective feature that was excavated, mined, or otherwise disturbed without a Coastal Erosion Management Permit.

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