Shoreham Village-- Celebrating and Protecting Our Natural Environment


We Shorehamites are fortunate to live in such a beautiful and relatively unspoiled place. The Village of Shoreham government strives to preserve our natural environment-- now and for future generations-- for our health, recreation, and enjoyment.

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December 2018 DEER FORUM-- Presentations and discussion re: the environmental impacts of deer and how to manage the local deer population


Stormwater pollution-- a threat to our natural environment on land and sea


Did you know that:

What can you do to prevent stormwater pollution?




The Village is required to file with the State DEC (Department of Environmental Conservation) an annual report summarizing the Village's efforts at minimizing stormwater runoff and preventing pollution of our stormwater in order to protect groundwater (important for drinking water and irrigation) and surface body of waters such as Long Island Sound. The Village's Annual Stormwater Report report is prepared and filed every spring by the Village's Environmental Protection Commissioner and presented at the Village's Board of Trustee's Meeting at that time.

Village residents are encouraged to review these reports (see links below) and provide any comments to the Board of Trustees and Environmental Protection Commissioner through the Shoreham Village Clerk ( See home page for additional contact information.) Note that these reports are in pdf format and can be read with Adobe Reader-- free download available at if you don't already have it.


Annual Village Stormwater Report 2018

Annual Stormwater Report 2017

Annual Stormwater Report 2016

Annual Stormwater Report 2015

Annual Stormwater Report 2014

Annual Stormwater Report 2013

Annual Stormwater Report 2012

Annual Stormwater Report 2011

Annual Stormwater Report 2010





Shoreham Village Organic Lawn Maintenance Program-- click here


Earth Day Programs

Starting in 2010, the Village has co-sponsored an annual Earth Day Celebration with the The Shoreham Village Association. Find links to past Earth Day programs (in PDF format).

Earth Day Program 2011

Earth Day Program 2010


Nature photography

Seacoast and wildlife collection by John Caramihas

Deer at Shoreham photo essay by Joe Falco

Fox in Shoreham backyard-- Joe Falco, March 2009

Seal pup at Shoreham Beach-- Mimi Oberdorf, March 2010